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Sheep Placenta
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Most people just know placenta as the vital organ that nourishes a foetus in the womb. It has been celebrated for years by the wealthy and celebrities alike for its ability to rejuvenate skin tissue and restore a youthful lustre to the face and body. Sheep placenta is used specifically because of the well-documented compatibility between sheep cells with human cells. Unlike artificial drugs which only work while they remain within our metabolic system, using completely natural cells extracted from sheep placenta yields positive, long lasting effects that return you to the glory of youth.

Placenta has long been used for over 1400 years as a beauty tonic, kidney tonic, aphrodisiac and to promote general health. The rich and famous are known to spend up to USD $30,000 for placenta live cell injections at exclusive Swiss clinics just to preserve their youth, vitality, physical and mental resilience. The Swiss clinics require an advance booking of 6-12 months and a minimum of 3-6 months to undergo this treatment.

Sheep placenta anti-ageing extracts can be measured similarly to diamond carats – flawless diamonds, like highly pure sheep placenta extracts are very rare, valuable and usually worth a king’s ransom. Now, the youth-preserving benefits of placenta cell therapy are no longer only for the privileged. Placenta in the form of capsules is now available to preserve your youth and health.
Return to the Majesty of Youth with 120:1
Pure Ratio of Fresh Sheep Placenta!

Introducing Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS, the anti-ageing supplement that helps to restore our bodies to the prime of youthful beauty and health by introducing young and vigorous new cells extracted from sheep into the body where they stimulate old and damaged cells to repair themselves – effectively making your body as good as new.

Royale Placenta SHEEP PLACENTA PLUS is the sheep placenta anti-ageing supplement contains 300mg capsules that are derived from 36,000mg fresh sheep placenta - that is a 120:1 ratio of pure anti-ageing goodness per capsule